I’m Android developer at Payworks, but I used to do web development too. I’m clean code fan interested in software architecture, design patterns and dev-ops culture, I really like automating stuff.

In my spare time, I try not to forget how to play guitar, read books (mostly about programming), watch really bad movies, or make my own Android apps - usually as sandboxes to check new libraries or approaches. I also like wasting time on computer games :)

I want to use this space to write about technical problems I’ve experienced and how I solved (or avoided) them, useful tools and tricks and… well anything else I want to write here.

Contact me

Find me on Linekdin / Github / Facebook or just say Hello at adam.swiderski89@gmail.com.

You can also check my resume.


Here are listed some of my projects, with links to Google Play or code on GitHub.


App made for recruiting purpose. Recently completely rewritten using Uber RIBs pattern, Realm DB, Retrofit, RxJava2 and Kotlin of course.


Never finished pneumatic car suspension controller. Android app is connected via Bluetooth with Arduino module controlling the valves. App allowed controlling suspension manually with pressing buttons, using accelerometer, and creating sequences stored in Realm. Communication was wrapped in Command Pattern which made changing the approach a lot easer. It was actually tested on real car :)

Fibaro App

Smartphone and tablet app to control intelligent home system. It’s an old app, refactored over time with MVP pattern and unit tests in in Spock / Groovy. We've also provided widgets and Android Watch App.


My graduation project. I've used Kotlin as weapon of choice for Android app. It uses Realm for storage and Retrofit for communication. App uses GCM for instant data synchronization and request caching if internet is not available. Backend of app is made in ExpressJS working on Heroku with MongoDB database. During development, I started an open source library for Android notifications called - Notti.


It’s a car assistant Android app. User can register fuel usage, call help, see POI on Google Map. App tracks drivers routes, that can be used in challenges or events (like Endomondo). OpenGL is used to create animated bot, that can talk with you. App also can be controlled by voice commands. App can also be a silent thief alarm - when armed, it will send you emails where the car is if it moves from parking place without disarming. We also made Websocket voice operated chat for drivers nearby, like CB radio.


Playground app that contains resizable widgets, charts made in MPAndroidChart, Relam database and Shared Element Transition. It has some issues and currently I'm trying to rewrite it to use Dagger2, Room and LiveData.


Library that wraps Firebase authorization methods into bit nicer API with RxJava2.


Simple library that makes Android notifications easer. Allows you to set configuration for all notifications and prohibits displaying invalid one. Library was created as a revenge for spending 2h on searching bug, that appeared to be wrong usage of Builder pattern by Google Android team... thanks guys!


Alphabetically ordered list of tech I like to use